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You will benefit from Cheryl’s experience with a wide range of cases and a proven track record of successful outcomes. Whether you are facing a family law trial involving property division, custody and support issues, have been injured and must sue, or find yourself in a real estate dispute, Cheryl will work with you to develop the best litigation strategy for you. Here is a representative sample of some of the many cases Cheryl has successfully tried or settled:

Please note: to protect the privacy of our many family law cases, they are not represented here.

Recovery for a real estate investment
Recovered for a young couple their six-figure investment in a real property after their partner tried to sell it without repaying their investment.

Recovery for property
Recovered for two young couples their investment in undeveloped real property lawsuit after surrounding neighbors tried to block their right to build on their property.

Injured college student
Settled for five figures the claims of a young college student rear-ended at a traffic light whose injuries resulted in a small facial scar.

Recovery for family of deceased asbestos worker
Settled for high six figures the claims of the children of a longshoreman who died from malignant mesothelioma caused by his occupational exposure to asbestos in spite of the lack of percipient witnesses or product identification.

Huge settlements for dying asbestos worker
Tried the case of a dying machinist mate whose malignant mesothelioma was caused by his occupational exposure to asbestos. Proceeds from the case totaled almost two million.

Major recovery for dying asbestos worker
Settled the case for mid six figures of a civilian government worker dying of asbestos-caused lung cancer.

First-ever case of asbestos-caused death for a dental technician
Tried the case of a woman whose husband died from malignant mesothelioma as a result of his work as a dental technician. Total proceeds from her case total over one million.

Brake and clutch settlements for dying car repair hobbyist
Obtained over a million dollars in this very difficult case, begun by the dying father of four and continued by his surviving wife and four children after removal to federal court and remand back to state court. The defendants ultimately settled the family's claims.

Dying construction inspector's family received good settlements
Obtained high six figures for this asbestos case, begun by a dying father of two, and continued by his loving wife and children after his death.

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